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I found the scene in Paris to be unbelievable. I went out to a different Cuban salsa night pretty much every night of the week. I found this listing to be invaluable:

Amsterdam – I had an awesome time at a Cuban rueda lesson and social at Studio 100, having hard time finding a good link but here’s something that might get you on the right path


I had a great time at Titosalbor, which has Cuban dance classes and socials. I also had an awesome time at the Dale! timba and rueda social put on by the Rueda Project at the Mambofit Studio. There is an afro-cuban folkloric dancing class on Saturdays as well as a timba class. Beyond the Cuban scene, there’s all kinds of schools and socials. You might look into Bachata Invasion, Salsa Logia, Moka Socials, for a start. There are also various clubs such as 649 and the Salsatheque. In summer there is outdoor salsa at Ste Catherine and Berri, put on by Salsafolies.

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