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Moves – Enchufla con clave

Enchufla Con Clave is a rueda de casino move, you could think of it as a variation on enuchfla or on the festival de pelotas – themselves variations on enchufla.

Here’s how it works… Start with an enchufla. Immediately after the enchufla, as the leads begins to move to their next partner, the group claps a clave pattern. 3-2 Son clave seems to be the more commonly used clave.

What is clave? In addition to being an instrument, it’s also the term for a core foundation of Afro-Cuban rhythm. Variations on clave – rumba clave, son clave, etc – can be heard throughout Cuban and latin music, whether it be salsa, son, rumba, timba. It’s also familiar to rock music audiences as the Bo Didley beat.

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Enchufla con clave

Enchufla con clave added April 03, 2019