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Moves – Yogurt

From guapea, the couple jumps together on the 3 and grinds (or simulates grinding) their bodies and crotches together, perhaps in a body roll motion that could continue through the remainder of the 8-count in rueda, or optionally longer if couple dancing.

Yogurt Videos

yogúr (rueda de casino figure)


Rueda de Casino: Yogur

Yogurt (Yossi)

Salsa variation - Yogur

💃 Aprende a Bailar SALSA CUBANA | Nivel 3 - YOGUR

Rueda Cubana - Rueda de Salsa - Yogur (F-PB)



VC Rueda Demo - yogur

Cours de Salsa Cubaine: YOGURT

yogur = Jogurt


YOGURT (Paso Basico Nivel II) Faces Son y Timba

Yogurt added August 07, 2019