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Moves – Kentucky

Kentucky starts with something similar to an enchufla doble, but the leads holds both of the follows hands, and then brings the follows left hand to the follows shoulder, the lead then does a turn and it ends with a dile que no. This description doesn‘t do it justice, but as the videos show it’s a relatively straightforward cuban salsa casino figure.

Kentucky Videos

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Figura Kentucky | Paso de salsa en pareja

Salsa Casino - Kentucky

Salsa Cubaine Kentucky

Kentucky No. 30

Kentucky (casino figure)

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Kentucky - Casino(Salsa Cubana) Rueda de Casino

💃 Aprende a Bailar SALSA CUBANA | Nivel 3 - Figura 11: KENTUCKY

Kentucky #SalsaCasino | #yoysalseros

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salsa cubana "Kentucky"

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💥Kentucky - Salsa Casino📹

Kentucky - Salsa cubana

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Kentucky - Salsa Casino

Salsa basic- Kentucky

Kentucky: Basic Cuban Salsa Move Shown by DanceInTime

OpenSalsa Move #5: Kentucky

Kentucky - Salsa Cuban Style - Hanami Dance

Kentucky - Salsa Cubana.wmv

Cuban Salsa Move "Kentucky" -

Salsa Cubana - Dansstudio Cubadanza - Kentucky

Kentucky / Salsa Cubana - DanzaStudioLive

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Cuban Salsa : Kentucky move

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Rueda move, Kentucky from Dance Cuban

C1 Kentucky BR1.m4v

Salsa basic- Kentucky

cuban salsa figure : kentucky


Giró Salsa Cubana | Kentucky | Kimbara Dance

Kentucky - Cuban Salsa - Kristóf Zsolt - Hanami Dance


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Rueda de Casino Tutorial Kentucky

Rueda de Casino Tutorial Kentucky

Kentucky, Claudia Salsa y Raul Cubias

William and Bex: begginers Rueda de Casino moves - Kentucky

Kentucky added April 10, 2019