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Moves – Montaña

  • Start with a sombrero
  • Towards the end of the sombrero, instead of putting hands behind heads, the lead lets the follows’ hands come down in front of the follow, between them
  • Continuing to holding both of the follows’ hands throughout, the lead then does something like an enchufla on the first half of the second 8-count
  • On the second half of the second 8-count, still holding the follows’ hands overhead, the lead does an outside turn
  • At this point – the third 8-count, the leads does another sort of enchufla, once again lifting both of the follows’ hands over the follows’ head
  • The move begins to wrap up by finishing up the original sombrero, with the lead placing the follows arm behind the leads’ head for the last half of the third 8-count
  • For the fourth 8-count, the follow crosses back over towards guapea

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