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Moves – Setenta por de bajo

Takes places over 6 iterations of 8-count including the dile que no that finishes it out. Start with the first 8-count of a typical setenta, then an enchufla with both hands held, the lead is then going to lift their right hand and the follows left hand up and over the leads head as the lead steps and turns around to stand of the folows right side, next the lead is going to bend down to back through the hole between the follows arm as in reverencia, the lead then does a double handled botala turn and then places the folows left hand around the front of their neck in a corona shape, this goes into a double-handed sacala, with the lead finishing up by placing the follows left hand over the heads hand to the leads shoulder and ending with a dile que no.

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Setenta Por Abajo

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Setenta Por Abajo

Setenta por abajo

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Setenta por debajo

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