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Moves – Enchufla con pilón

Enchufla con pilón move starts with an enchufla – no surprise there! – then incorporates a quick bit of pilón dance.

Pilón was a style of music created originally by Enrique Bonne and popularized when Bonne later teamed up with bandleader Pacho Also and a dance was added. Pacho is not to be confused with his son Pachito, known for his group Pachito Alonso y sus Kini Kini. Pilón, some say the music and dance are inspired by the rhythm and motion of pounding sugarcane, others say that it is inspired by crushing of coffee beans.

A few examples of pilón:

Enchufla con pilón Videos

Enchufla con pilon

RpF Enchufla Pilón BR1

Enchufla con pilón added June 12, 2019