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Moves – Mozambique

After the revolution of 1953-58, Cuba didn’t release a lot of records, and there wasn’t a lot of exposure to what was happening in Cuba. Music and dance marched onwards, of course, with lots of new sounds and dance trends developing including Pacho Alonso’s pilon, Juan Formell’s changui 68 and later songo, the fusion of Irakere, modernized son and eventually timba, Cubaton and so on…

Another of those new sounds was mozambique, introduced around 1963 by Pello al Afrikan – aka Pedro Izquierdo. Mozambique is said to have been derived from and inspired by carnival comparsa music, and/or maybe a synthesis of Afrocuban rhythms. The overall effect of the music is easily approachable and fun, and the dance is also straightforward.

Mozambique spent its time in the limelight, making waves in Cuba and Paris, and it was coopted in name but changed completely in New York by Eddie Palmieri, Its fortunes fell after 1965 but as a part of Cuban musical and dance history it is worthwhile knowing on the off chance that you hear a song based on mozambique, or want to incorporate it into timba dancing.

Mozambique Videos

CubaFest 2013. MOZAMBIQUE.Yoyo & Key Hedera

The authentic Cuban dance rhythm

Baile mozambique.conjunto folklorico.nacional

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