Bailar! Bailar! Bailar!


  • La Salsa Cubana – excellent documentary film about a Cuban rueda de casino group
  • Cuban Fury - a comedy about an aging overweight British office worker (Nick Frost) with a suppressed childhood passion for salsa that comes back to the fore when he meets his new salsa-loving American boss (Rashida Jones). There’s a rivalry with a co-worker (Chris O’Dowd) for her affections, as well as some soul-searching about why and if he can rekindle his passion.
  • El Catante – the Hector Lavoe story as portrayed by Marc Athony and Jennier Lopez. It’s a sad story, but a fantastic movie.
  • Dance with Me – a dancer comes from Cuba to Houston to stay with his long-estranged father. Love interests and dance competitions ensue. It’s cliché but worth a watch.
  • Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights – a young American girl with parents who used to be passionate about dancing moves to pre-revolution Havana where she is won over by Cuban culture and dancing and by a young Cuban guy. Class/cultural family conflict, steamy nights at dance clubs, and a dance competition that happens, through a striking coincidence, at the precise moment that the revolution was victorious ensue.
  • The Black Roots of Salsa – despite what the title suggests, this is more a documentary on afrocuban rumba. Features interviews with prominent rumberos, as well as footage of dancing and drumming.
  • Street Dance 2 – a street dancer seeks to beat out the competition in Paris, France by forming a cutting edge crew. What gives them the edge? Salsa! Questionable movie, but with fun street and salsa dancing parts. The salsa is choreographed by Maykel Fonts, who also has a bit part as “Lucien”
  • Feeling con cajon – EGREM DVD featuring a jam session with top Cuban musicians from various genres and generations including Emilio Veras (El Niño y a Verdad) and (one-time) members of Los Van Van, Pupy y los que son son, Charanga Forever, etc.
  • El Niño documentary - EGREM DVD documentary about Emilio Veras and El Niño y la Verdad.

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