Bailar! Bailar! Bailar!

Salsa Books

  • Dancing the Beautiful Wheel - A Guide to Rueda de Casino – a Rueda book written by a member of a UK rueda group Great list of rueda calls
  • The little red book of dancing... Salsa! – a lot of helpful little tips and points to ponder, especially for leads.
  • Casino and Salsa in Cuba - Bárbara Balbuena – Editorial José Martí – I was unable to find a link for the English translation – picked it up in Cuba years ago – the writing/translation is not ideal and exceedingly dry, but there is a lot of interesting history and info here

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Salsa Websites

  • an educational site with rueda videos from Norway. Features a listing of the Norwegian Rueda Standard – a fairly comphrensive spec of rueda de casino moves created, updated and maintained by a collective of Norwegian rueda instructors.
  • Salsa Lust
  • Salsa Forums
  • Dance Papi – I found their videos really great for learning casino moves

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Salsa in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Halifax salsa lessons, bachata lessons etc

Halifax Socials

  • Haliente - has salsa nights on alternating Fridays, as well as Bachata, Latin night and other special events on Saturdays.
  • 1313 Hollis is doing Thursday nights from 9-11 with alternating DJs
  • Salsa at Brewster’s in Bedford – regular early evening alternating Tuesdays
  • Trena’s Studio in Bedford may have a regular series of socials
  • Son Latino – look out for concerts by Son Latino – in late 2018 they did a phenomenal event called “¡Baila!” at the Marquee Club – here’s hoping they do something like this again (soon)
  • The Cuban Sessions – once monthly concerts/lessons/dancing at Alderny Landing market in Dartmouth – Cuban food available from O-Cubano, music by Marcel Amores & Plan Ashé and dance lessons, rueda etc with Andres Dauyon
  • Free to Move socials on alternating Fridays. They usually have a salsa/bachata room and a kizomba room. Tends to be a small crowd.
  • Marcel Amores and Plan Ashé local band that plays a mix of Latin American songs. A bit of son and other fun songs for dancing, and they often will have salsa DJ music in between sets, sometimes with lessons by Andres Dauyon.
  • Halifax Waterfront in the summer – may be Free to Move and Haliente socials happening on Wednesday and Thursday nights, respectively. Also look out for an outdoor salsa event at some point on Argyle Street.

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